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Discover How People Are Making Over 10K A Month Selling Products Online...Without A Shopify Store!

  • Discover why an online store may be actually hurting your sales!
  • Learn why dependence on Chinese products could be your business downfall
  • In this training, you will learn the new way to market products without a Wordpress blog or expensive social media campaigns

Meet Your Host

Hello, I'm Joshua Jones. I started my first business with an eBay store when I was 15 years old and I've been an entrepreneur ever since. If it is in the eCommerce sector, I have probably done it. Even though I also make courses and offer coaching, selling physical products online is still my focus.

​I've probably tried every software and selling platform from Wordpress to Shopify to ClickFunnels and the method I'm using now beats anything I tried before. The market has changed. Blogs are not delivering the results they have in the past and selling platforms have become more restrictive but my new method to sell products online put you back in control and puts more money back into your pocket.

I have decided to move to Dubai and this one-time workshop will be your only chance this year to learn how I and my students make over 10K a month selling products online without a Wordpress blog or a Shopify store. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

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Joshua Jones

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