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Live Webinar Presentation with Doyle & Mrs. Doyle

5 Strategies to Making Money, Painting Squirrels & Building a Profitable Relationship

June 28th @ 7:30PM EST

Special Guest: Mrs. Doyle, the best gold diggin' wife ever!

Here's what you'll learn on this LIVE webinar:

The secret to a good relationship is partnership. Doyle found Mrs. Doyle while painting on the New York boardwalk. His art caught her eye and her wallet caught his. From that day on... Mrs. Doyle has grown here gold mining business to over $5 billion dollars in revenue. Doyle has sold over $328 dollars in squirrel art and together they have over a billion dollar empire.

Learn the 5 strategies that Doyle has learned while running his lucrative art business while occasionally doing janitorial work around the gold mine. Learn from Mrs. Doyle as she ignores Doyle and spills the beans on running a multi-billion dollar company.

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Host: Doyle

Squirrel Artist & Funnel Hacker

  • High Ticket Squirrel Art: Cracked the code to online sales.
  • Famous Actor: Featured in ClickFunnels commercials.
  • ​Doesn't like Debbie because 90% of Debbie fails.
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Co-Host: Mrs. Doyle

CEO & Founder of WorldGoldMining, LLC

  • Make Billions with Lucrative AssetsGold!
  • 30 Years Experience: Running high fashion to high speed mining operations, Mrs. Doyle has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine for top billionaires under 30.
  • Loves to spend time in Italy while keeping tabs on Doyle.


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What you'll discover:

  • 1 - Paint High Ticket Squirrels
  • 2 - Keeping Your CEO Wife Happy
  • ​3 - Making Money with Art
  • ​4 - ​"One Squirrel Away" Challenge
  • ​5 - Sell Your Squirrel Art Online​
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