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"Thank you for grabbing a copy, I appreciate ya'll, let's paint some gold!" ~ Doyle

Double check to confirm your email address.

We have to make sure you are a real person and using an authentic email address. Around here we can spot fake gold from the real deal.  While you are here make sure to buy some of my canvas art!

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Congratulations on grabbing your copy of "How-to Profit from Squirrel Art" with Doyle. You are going to absolutely LOVE the Ebook!

While you are here, you should check out the following steps to make your experience the best it can possible be while dreaming up new squirrels to paint.

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Step #1: Paint Your First Squirrel

Follow along with Doyle as he paints by the numbers all the way to the bank to deposit some freshly minted gold!

Don't worry, it's easy. You just have to draw a few circles, add ears, a cute face and pose your cute critter in a semi-romantic position. This is just ONE of the professional hacks you'll find inside of the Ebook. (Don't be alarmed. People are just into it, we've split tested this...)

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Step #2: Buy Genuine Squirrel Art by Doyle

Shipped to your home overnight or your money back!

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Step #3: Connect with Doyle

Don't be shy, send Doyle a message on any of these platforms.

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Let's Become Friends!

Show off your personal life. Doyle doesn't hold back and invites you to gaze your eyes upon all the fun he is having!

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Watch Me on YouTube

Looking to watch an older man stumble his way across new video games? Doyle's PlayTime channel is the spot for you!

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Magician for Hire

Doyle is available as a part time magician. If you are looking for entertainment, look no further than Doyles Magical act.

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