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Hosted by Doyle:  Go From Boring Business to Selling High Converting Squirrel Art in 3 Days

Join the 3-Day Challenge

Paint, Print & Profit with Attractive Squirrel Art

  • 3-Day Challenge: Go from nothing to profitable something!
  • Focus on Keeping it Simple: Doyle only knows how to be simple!
  • Video Based Training: No long articles to read, it's all video!

Challenge Starts June 28th @ 1:45PM EST



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DAY #1

Paint Seductive Squirrels

Grab your favourite paint brush or digital paint brush and follow along with Doyle as he shows you how to find squirrels in the wild, get them in the perfect position and then find time in your busy schedule to paint your first squirrel. We've tested the market and found people LOVE squirrels... especially au naturale!

DAY #2

Print on Canvas for Free

Doyle and his wife, Mrs.Doyle have partnered with the worlds best printing services. We'll take your squirrel art and mass produce it or you can choose our print-on-demand option. On the second day of the challenge you'll pay Mrs. Doyle to print your art onto canvas. Or you can use other services, but let's keep it in the family, okay?

DAY #3

Profit with a Sales Funnel

Just like the great marketer said... "you're just one funnel away!"

On the final day Doyle will share with how to build that ONE funnel and move away from your ex-wife and closer to freedom, peace and prosperity (...with your new art business and billionaire CEO wife.) You'll discover the power of creating high converting sales funnels for your squirrel art.

If you're unsure if it is isn't possible to sell through a funnel, well guess what? You're in a sales funnel right now!

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"I just paint'em" - Doyle

It's simple... like digging for gold, once you found some there's more close by!

I'll sell you the shovel AND teach you how to start selling the shovel yourself, if ya know what I mean. That was a bad analogy for let me show you the EXACT steps I take in my business for making beautiful squirrel inspired art to profit hundreds of dollars!

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