Weekly Update - 12/10/2023

Monday, December 11, 2023

Primary Blog/Update/Weekly Update - 12/10/2023

Weekly Update - 12/10/2023

Video making is kicking in to high gear. I've gotten over being on camera mostly and I am comfortable with the Ghettowood set up of OBS, a webcam and a ring light so flimsy in might spontaneously collapse at any moment. For me video is just a way of transmitting information. I'm not trying to be a great video editor but that too will improve over time.

I have posted quite a lot this week in the ClickFunnels and ClickDesigns Facebook group and the companion YouTube Channel. One of my projects this week has been to reorganize things so that once a viddeo is uploaded to YouTube, it also gets posted to Facebook and the blog within 48 hours. I spent the weekend clearing out the backlog and don't want to got through that again. 

I'll probably be adding PLR to my projects in 2024 and have been going through my catalog and deciding what to work on 1st. There's so many things that seem to be opening up after coming back from Funnel Hacking Live and the ball has seemed to start rolling and gathering momentum.

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