New ClickDesigns Logos Tutorial

Monday, December 11, 2023

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New ClickDesigns Logos Tutorial

I'm a ClickDesigns guy. There's a lot of graphics programs out there and Adobe rules the roost with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. Beyond that, the contender nipping at Adobe's heel like a foo-foo dog with delusions of grandeur is Canva. The seriousness with which Adobe takes Canva is the creation of Adobe Express which while not a carbon copy of Canva competes at the Canva price and feature level.

Back when I was deeply into music and audio engineering, I acquired more software and VST instruments and FX than allowed by law but I learned on Steinberg programs, which meant I was a Cubase guy. Even if I created something in Reason, FL Studio or Abelton Live! always ended up in Cubase at the end of the day for the final mix and mastering phase. It's the same with graphics today. Even if I use Canva or Adobe Express to do's going to end up in ClickDesigns.

It's not just that I am so comfortable using ClickDesigns. It's the templates that come with ClickDesigns and the ease of using them. From boxes to book covers to supplement bottles to apparel, ClickDesigns always seem to have the template I need to get started and I haven't even touched some of the new features in the ClickDesigns Plus upgrade.

The latest video posted to my ClickFunnels and ClickDesigns Facebook group and YouTube channel is about creating logos in ClickDesigns. I am doing a series of tutorial videos going through the categories in ClickDesigns and this is the 3rd video in the series. I plan to keep working on the series until I run out of categories which means I'll be working on this project for awhile.

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