Geru And Funnelytics Price Changes in 2024

Sunday, December 24, 2023

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Geru And Funnelytics Changes in 2024

A new year brings changes and in 2024, there will be changes to the plans and pricing for the two most popular funnel mapping software used by funnel hackers, Geru and Funnelytics. As you might expect, these changes run in the opposite direction of free.

Let's start with Geru. For month in 2023, Geru has been running a lifetime offer for $67. That offer expires at the end of the year and Geru will be a monthly subscription starting at $39 and up depending on the subscription level. So, if you want to lock in Geru at a one price for life price, you need to act before the end of the year.

Things are even more drastic over at Funnelytics. They had a "Forever Free" option but apparently forever isn't what it used to be since the Forever Free level goes away at the end of the year. Funnelytics has always been far pricier than Geru and a monthly subscription for Funnelytics in 2024 will cost $199 and up depending on subscription level.

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