Frozen Texas

Friday, January 19, 2024

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Frozen Texas

I'm a sunny-weather person. Actually, I'm a Greek island (with Wi-Fi) in the Mediterranean kind of person. My basic operating theory is that it's far more fun to strip down for the heat than to layer up for the cold. Needless to say...winter is not my friend.

​With the arctic blast this week, I decided to finish up some projects in the ClickFunnel's Funnel Builder program that were half-done. I managed to get the VSL certification for ClickFunnels 2.0 done and awarded and sent off the Paid Challenge certification for review. At this point, I have more ClickFunnels certifications that you can shake a big ugly stick at but it's all about fulfilling the promise I made to myself when I pushed the button and did damage to the credit card to enter the Funnel Builder certification program. I committed that if I spent the money, I would finish the damn thing and at this point, I'm about to 95% of that goal.

This ties back to when I used to do music. I knew so many people with music studios far better equipped than mine but they rarely finished anything. A verse, half a song, a rhythm track they had plenty of but none of it seemed to lead to an actual completed song. Done beats perfect and completed beats half-done and soon forgotten.

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