Busy Week Ahead

Sunday, November 12, 2023

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Busy Week Ahead

I  am spending the weekend trying to get ahead and clean up a few projects because next week will be Hell Week for Funnel Hackers. More on that later...

I will be making some changes to the Free Templates section between now and the end of the year. The Free Templates page was hurriedly put together because I wanted to post some template during Funnel Hacking Live. It needs an update and a re-think but that will happen over time.

This coming week I will be participating in the 1st Funnel Games put on by ClickFunnels. They are keeping the details close to the vest on this one. What little is known at this point is that I and the other participants will be creating a funnel every day and then ClickFunnels will run traffic and see which one performs the best. It sounds a lot like the concept Agora Publishing uses for copywriters. One of the moderators in the Funnel Builders program says this is similar to what they did in the original Funnel Builders program back in 2016 but as ClickFunnels is being skimpy on the details, who knows what iss actually going to happen on Monday.

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