About Tim Willis

Who Is

Tim Willis?

Tim Willis is a Certified ClickFunnels Funnel Builder who has been awarded 29 certifications. Before joining the Funnel Builder certification program, Tim has worked as an online entrepreneur and for several years was the ecommerce manager for a tire and wheel distributor.

Tim Willis also has a background in music and entertainment. He is an audio engineer who had his own music studio and spent 20 years helping organize and run bellydance events in the Austin area operating in roles including a 10 year run as the DJ and live sound expert for the Carousel Caravan show. 

Tim's Story

1963 - 1981

  • ​I was born in Texas and still live in the Lone Star State. I've had the opportuinty to travel and see the world but I always end up back in Texas.
  • ​I grew up in central Texas and graduated from Lorena High School
  • ​My high school graduating class was 36 people which was considered huge

1982 - 1986

  • ​I served in the US Air Force
  • ​I was stationed in Italy and California
  • ​After active duty, I served in Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard Units

1987 - 1996

  • ​I moved to Austin, Texas
  • ​I worked a variety of jobs mostly in the logistics sector
  • ​I became involved in the Austin bellydance community and learned how to stage productions

1997 - 2005

  • ​I moved to Houston, Texas
  • ​During this period I largely working in the printing industry
  • ​I got my first computer and following my instincts learned audio engineering

2005 - 2020

  • ​I moved back to Austin, Texas
  • ​I became more involved in technology, including 4 years providing techincal support at AT&T
  • ​I was a DJ for bellydance shows for 10 years
  • ​I opened an Ebay store which was my entry into ecommerce and digital marketing
  • ​I was the Ecommerce Manager for Tires To You and learned much about selling physical goods online

2020 - 2024

  • ​I became more interested in digital marketing and discovered sales funnels
  • ​I joined the ClickFunnels Funnel Builders certification program
  • ​I went to FunnelHacking Live 2023 in Orlando, Florida
  • ​I became a ClickFunnels Certified Funnel Builder​

What I Believe

(Here Comes The Controversy Part...)

  • The Internet and digital marketing represent the greatest opportunity for success
  • You are not a "client" to be juggled on a schedule. You are a person with dreams and ambitions
  • Your business deserves better than a marketing plan burped up by a Chat GPT prompt
  • ​Most "testimonials" are useless to make critical decisions. Friends and family will say nice things
  • If I cannot help you with your project, I will tell you so. The ability to deliver is everything!

I didn't spend two years becoming a Certified ClickFunnels Funnel Builder to "get clients". I became a funnel builder because I wanted to help people, do things and turn ideas into reality.

I'm Not A Guru!

There nothing special about me, except that once I find something I like doing, I'll latch onto like a Bulldog and won't let go.  I'm the werido who actually reads the manual and through music, I learned that I had a talent for looking at an editor on a computer screen far past the point where most people's eyeballs start bleeding. I believe that deadlines are not movable goalposts and that it's important to finish things because done beats perfect.